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tv   [untitled]    January 2, 2012 3:31pm-4:01pm PST

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you in october were still on track, and we are expecting to return all of them, and we do not have any larger projects that are going on in the past two months, but we have been talking to some people about projects down south of market street. the mayor has announced that he does realize there are more people wanting to lease property and is available on south market if it was completely built out. that was one announcement he did make after the meeting. >> that is great news. >> any update on status as a result of e.i.r. for the america's cup, the impact of the
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services the department will provide for it, and or similar categories? >> no, we are ready to provide the report when needed for america's cup. it will mostly be in plan check for the projects. we have planned check of the terminal, and they will be coming in as soon as the court gives them to us. we are ready for them. -- as soon as the port gives them to us. in the future grand central station of the west coast is going well? speaker yes, it is. -- >> yes, it is. >> i would also like to extend their appreciation for the tour of the site preparation and work
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and that was happening with the joint collaboration of construction management companies that are involved, and quite impressive from the standpoint of technical capabilities that are being performed and conducted. quite impressive. >> item 7e, update on q-matic. >> pamela levin, department of building inspection. on the friday before we were going to implement, we were notified by the unions that they wanted an opportunity to sit down with us and to essentially a meet and confer on the impact of change in work that they anticipate will occur as a
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result of implementing q-matic. we have implemented the training and notification of the public, we were all ready to go, and we had to delay it based on that. we haven't met with one of the unions. we have the meeting where we invited all the unions -- had the meeting were reinvented all of the unions that represented dbi. some of the unions had decided it would not have an impact on them, but two of the unions could not attend the meeting. one union did come to the meeting, and they were ok with it. >> will there be a meeting before the end of the year, or does it get extended to were part of this activation or perpetual implementation is not to occur this year?
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>> from what i understand in trying to get a meeting with one union, the union that requested opportunity to meet and confer, they will not be available -- i doubt they will be available this calendar year. we are continuing to contact them and try to work through their schedule. they are having internal issues, so it makes it a little more difficult to get on their calendar. >> we are ready to go as soon as that happens? >> yes. commissioner lee: that brings up a point about the permit tracking system. our unions involved with that right now? >> we have talked to them and going to involve them from the beginning, guest. i did not anticipate this similar type of issue to happen,
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but we are making sure they are involved and they know what is going on. >> also in the category of what dbi and the result of why it came about is really to address and comply to some conditions that were required of the department. >> we explained that in the genesis of the project. their concern is more how the information that we gather will be used concerning their employees. it is a matter of working things through. management was not able to communicate that ahead of time. we now have -- we now need to follow up with the unions and talk to them. >> to just make clear they
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become a hindrance for us to be compliant on the category of what we are to provide. by virtue of that, we will continue to work with them, but we need to emphasize that the sooner we meet compliance is something that the department can provide. thank you. >> item 7f, a day on other technology projects. -- update on other technology projects. >> pamela levin. we have had some really exciting projects. we have done the system testing, and we expect to go live on january 1, 2012. this is to request of a 3r repo.
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we have had over 346 elector called reports scheduled since this became available over the web, so it is -- it should as that build up positively affect the work load of the quirks. the and the permit to operate boilers, we have seen a large renewal through the web, and that is really good. several months ago during the budget process i brought forward the fact that all of the servers that the department uses, which is approximately 49, were going out of maintenance after the end of this year -- december 2011.
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so we have been working with the department of technology with this on this project, and because of the movement of the city to having consolidation, that we are now going to be the hosts of the mission corridor area. what we are doing is we have through fertilizatiovitualizatie sufficient room to allow planning and the department of human services to move into the super -- server room and one room. this is very good, because it is a big priority of the board of supervisors, the commission on
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the information technology, and what it does is prevents us having to move several of our servers over two different locations. it allows us more control over our destiny. everyone is really happy. we are seen as being very cooperative and innovative department because of this. we have an expert network engineer that we hired -- to use to work in the comptroller's office, and before that she worked for department of information technology. she is spearheading it with an individual from the comptroller's office and working with the departments that are and bald, real-estate, dpw, and the other departments, plus all of the outside entities that are
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going to be involved in the project. it is of very exciting time, and we are trying to move things very quickly, which is difficult in this city, but hopefully we will end up with a really good product. >> what is the mission corridor? does it stretched from our location to the bay and down south, or is it just a title ring of what services occur associated with that? >> the mission corridor is essentially from where it meets -- you know the talk of stand across from good will -- the taco stand across from good will and down to 13th, and it is pie- shaped. it includes three large departments -- human services
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agency is the large department, and then planning. we're calling it the mission corridor. vs. city hall. it is a nice name for our area. >> the consolidation or services we would perform, is there a cost associated with the departments that are essentially saving what they would have performed that we end up being a host to those functions, and can we on our recovery cost be able to charge for that, or is it part of this, i guess, objective goal to reduce operational costs? >> we've made it clear that dbi is not the cash cow for this project. they are very rigid voluntarily
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working with us in terms of purchase of the equipment, power, what needs to be done in terms of capital improvement. we're working on trying to figure out how to charge rent and electricity, whether it is metered or some way. we're going to share in the cost, the benefit for them is they will not be located somewhere else where they did not want to go. there is efficiencies that can be in terms of just bought efficiency, which is i am not going where i do not want to go, verses we will have inefficiencies and operation and cost sharing. >> will that be defined by an mou? >> yes. right now we're trying to figure out the costs so we can share
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them. we have experience with human services agencies in terms of sharing things. wheat contract with them for the help desk. we have a history of really cooperative working with them and i am sure there will come through. i do not want to do little ones, i want to do a larger one of the actual construction. >> thank you. >> the other one i wanted to talk about is the cash management system, because this will also have a large impact on the project. it is looked at favorably because we are partnering with the tax collector on this project. it will actually replace the p.o.s. system that is extremely antiquated. we now have the first
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requirement document, and we hope to sign off by january that we're still looking at project launched by the end of april. we have an integration point that we built into the scope of work with the permit tracking system, so these things can work together. >> thank you. commissioners, any questions? >> item 7g, update on new hires. >> we have not hired any new positions since we last talked to you, however, we do have several requisitions out. we are interviewing for three electrical inspectors on of the
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14th, sometime this week. we have a couple of other positions that are stuck in the human-resources department for additional information, and as i mentioned, the clerks are just plain that stock, and we're talking to everyone we can about getting those moved. >> how long will they stay stuck? a month? two months? >where are they being held at risk and diminished services? >> i have talked personally to our analyst in the mayor's office about four times on this. i have talked all the way to the deputy director of human resources department on its commo and,, and we are told thel
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try to do research and figure out -- there is a committee that consists of the mayor's office, a human-resources, and i believe the comptroller's office, and a review of requisitions. for some reason it has been sitting there for almost a month, and we are doing our best to try to get it through. i expected to be released this month. >> thank you. >> any public comment on the directors' report items 7a-7g? seeing none, item 8, commissioners questions in matters, increase to stop. at this time commissioners may make inquiries to staff regarding practices and
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procedures that are of interest to the commission. >> commissioners? >> i know a couple the months ago we met with staff to review the program. subsequently there was a hearing at the board of supervisors specifically dealing with seniors and s.r.o.'s. it would seem we may have issues to resolve as to the out reach to the seniors community. i talked a little bit with the president about this that maybe we could meet with clabber this -- collaboratives and see where our department and our reach organizations could communicate better to help with code enforcement.
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maybe just an ongoing thing we could look at, especially how it affects seniors. >> i know the category here is we're providing the funding, but they are the ones doing the work. they are the ones responsible for the execution of that, and we continue to see that there is some shortfall on the level performance. >> there is some sort of disconnected i think could be helpful to discuss. >> are those mou's pending or on going? >> i think they are up this coming year. >> we did you an r.f.p. and received proposals -- most or
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all of our current vendors are currently negotiating price with them. we did it proposals that were slightly higher than we are budgeted for. we will the fiscal year 2012-2013 and discussing that with the mayor's office. hopefully -- we're doing grants this year. we should have the grant agreements finish before christmas so the current contracts do expire at the end of the year. we're hoping to have everything done before christmas. >> maybe it is time to look and see if we are recovering. i have concerns about the senior community, which is only going to get larger are over the next few years, and making sure that we are addressing the needs that might be unique to that population as we talk about multiple family buildings. >> the real challenge here is
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the fiscal responsibility where the department is being asked to ratchet down 5 percent signed, and then there are those that ask for more than what they had been advocated from last year. that is a very difficult task in the category of what they want more than what has been allocated. >> that is something that will have to be discussed as part of next year's budget. >> yes. thank you. >> i am still not comfortable -- i know we went around and around to date about that. i still think there has to be a way to break this down where properties that have not been turned over -- let's use a number of 20 years that have
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been sold, changed hands. at that time there would have been a 3r report issued. let's say the same property in the past 20 years has gone through renovation and had permits for that job. deputy sweeney could probably answer that better. doesn't that get put into the database? that should be very easy to retrieve an updated and issued a report. why should that take a week and a half, 10 days, the same as the one when you are going back to the 1920's or 1800's? i can understand why that one would take two weeks. but a new building, that
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information should be right there. is there a way we can break this down so that we do not get stock 100%? we're stuck, what say we get stuck 50 percent signed, but the other 50 percent signed it -- is there a way to release that? i would love to have someone take a look at that, and i believe there is a way. >> any other commissioner comments? >> any other public comment on item 8a? >> nancy again. i would like to ask the commission to request a follow- up to the information you heard today on can't swing it permits, because once a permit has been cancelled, sometimes people want to actually then read new expired permits, and i think that is a separate issue, and it
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would benefit everyone if we had an update from the department to identify what is the process whereby an expired permit is then able to be renewed? what are the apostasies, time lines, cost? i think it is the kind of procedural issue that interjects with planning. we have heard they have a three- year entitlement, which then expires, so you have an obligation but -- because you own and control the flow of information of any permits over to them. you are their agent. i would recommend we have a complete update so everyone is on the same page on how this works and what is required. thank you for your consideration of those requests. >> thank you. >> any additional public comment? item 8b, future meetings or
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agendas. at this time the council make this as a future meeting were determined items that could be placed on the agenda of the next meeting and other future meetings of the building inspection commission. the next meeting is on january 18, and in january, as gail mentioned, is when we hear the budgets. there may be a possibility of having a special meeting if needed. that date will possibly be on june 3 31st. >> when is the next pact meeting? >> thursday. at 2:00. >> any commissioner comments on item b? any public comment on 8b? seeing none, review and
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approval of the regular meeting. >> tis everyone in agreement that this meeting is finished? >> i want to thank you for trying to catch us up on this. thank you. any public comment on item 9? >> i would like to wish everyone a happy christmas. happy new year. >> happy holidays. 9 > >> all the staff. >> item 10, adjournment. >> move to adjourn. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we're now adjourned.
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>> of the meeting of the entertainment commission for the
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city and county of san francisco. >> hyde? newlin? cavellini indicated that he may be here. he is trying to do some work scheduling. >> item #one is public comment. members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public within the jurisdiction of the commission. members of the public may address the commission at a time such item is called. if you want to address the commission on an item that is not on the agenda but is related, you have an opportunity to do so. seeing none, we will go on to item no. 2. review and approve the minutes of july 12, august 9, november
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8, and november 27. is there anything that we can act on here? the meeting of november 27? we cannot on the eighth, or on the night. >> we can do this because -- >> we will do this and get this out of the way. we're just going to -- make a motion to approve november 22. and august 9. >> i don't think so. -- >> i second -- so moved.
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>> are you clear. do you want us to repeat this? the motion is that i moved to approve the minutes of november 22. >> and august 9. >> and to continue the minutes of november 8. >> ok. >> just call it -- just to clarify, july 12? >> we should continue at this time. taking two and continuing. >> hyde? >> seconded. aye. >> joseph? >> aye. >> perez? >> aye. >> newlin? >> item three, the report from >> item three, the report from the executive directo


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